Summer vacations in Lithuania

What are the most popular choices for summer vacations? Usually, it’s somewhere warm, like Spain, Greece or Indonesia. But what if you are not the biggest fan of high temperatures or want to experience a new, uncommon place? Well, you could visit Lithuania!

Relaxing seacoast vacation

While Lithuanian beaches are not as famous as Bahamas, they can be just as amazing to spend time in. The sand in Lithuanian beaches is soft and white, perfect for lying down and sunbathing, playing tennis or building sandcastles. The Baltic Sea is not the warmest one but there are no sharks, jellyfish or rocks that could hurt you.

There are many resort towns along the coast of the Baltic Sea. One of the most popular of such towns is Palanga. It is relatively small but it has both amazing beaches and city attractions. You could relax on the sand during the day and enjoy the night at the many restaurants and bars, pubs and amusement parks. In Palanga, you can find both classical and pop music concerts, visit a museum or dance the night away in a nightclub. It can offer something for everyone, no matter the budget.

However, if you are a fan of nature and prefer calmer, quieter places, the Curonian Spit might be the best vacation spot. It is a narrow strip of sand between the Baltic Sea and the Curonian Lagoon and some of the most beautiful places in all Lithuania are located here. The most famous town here is Nida. Nida is slightly more expensive but the experience can be definitely worth it. There are many beautiful dunes to visit, both the lagoon and the sea a walking distance, cultural events, restaurants and boat trips for the interested. Our tour package Lithuanian Castles and Seacoasts covers many of the above-mentioned places.

Around Lithuania by bike

Biking is not for everyone but it can be an amazing experience for those ready to take the challenge. Lithuania is a small country so experienced cyclists might see it all without even getting tired. There are both bike tours organised and lots of information provided for those who want to travel individually.

One of the most popular places to explore by bike is the seaside. The Seaside cycling route consists of three cycling paths, Klaipėda-Nida, Klaipėda-Būtingė and Klaipėda-Rusnė. The first two are about 50km long and have good cycling paths and allow you to pass both pleasant seaside forests, glimpsing the sea through the trees, and seaside towns, such as Preila and Pervalka or Palanga and Šventoji. Klaipėda-Rusnė route does not have good cycling paths and you have to travel on car roads but it allows you to visit both cultural and natural landmarks on the way, exploring a more hidden side of Lithuania.

Some of the other popular cycling paths in Lithuania are in national parks, along the Panemunė route and in cities. The cycling path of Samogitian National Park goes around the beautiful Plateliai lake with many wooden churches around while Dzūkija National Park path allows you to see one of the most famous swamps and other natural objects, as well as cosy villages and old monasteries. From Šiauliai, it is easy to reach the Hill of Crosses by bike and you can also visit the village Naisiai. Vilnius and Alytus also have well-developed cycling paths that allow you to see not only the urban but also natural landscapes, like the tallest bridge over Nemunas in Alytus.

Canoeing, kayaking and saunas

Another option for the people who like to rest actively is canoeing and kayaking. These sports are not only fun but also allow you to explore Lithuania’s rivers and lakes. Kayaks and canoes can be rented in very many places, from Vilnius and Klaipėda to Trakai, Nida and many spots in nature where little people and buildings pass you, allowing you to feel the nature.

For those who like SPA services, Lithuanian sauna is a must. Lithuanians use steam bathhouses, they are not too hot but really moist, as water is regularly poured on hot stones on a burner. There are also many different herbs used in the bathing processes. For example, there is a special procedure of lightly slapping each other in the bathhouse with bundles made of herbs, which is said to be very healthy, like a good massage. It is also popular to rub the body with healing mud or other beneficial materials. There are very special saunas in Lithuania: the first and largest natural amber sauna in the world, a sauna in a treehouse and many others. Bathroom experiences are also included in our tour package Stars and Spas.