Our story

We are a family-held business and we have been travelling almost in every possible way for over 20 years now. We might even say that we raised our children while travelling, so we know how to endure the journey with toddlers, curious pre-schoolers and even with sometimes capricious teenagers. We have tried all kinds of travelling: by foot, by car, camper, plane, ferry, train and so on. We mostly focus on small family trips or leisure trips (for instance with bicycles or kayaks). Our key value is slow tourism – quality and experience over quantity.

Why choose us

What we can certainly promise you is that we will treat you as our closest friend. That means will share our know-how, tips&tricks, ensure your security, and provide all kinds of help.


We do value responsible tourism. We feel that even the slightest environmental-friendly changes in our everyday routines have a huge positive environmental effect. So we invite you to recycle, save energy and water, use reusable crockery and cutlery when possible, support local products. Furthermore, choose slow tourism instead of fast tourism – travel around with bicycles or kayaks, and believe us, you will not forget such an experience.